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Vol 21 No 1 January/February 2006


National Bishops's Turn

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Welcome to Canada Lutheran 2006

This is from the first issue of Canada Lutheran, January 1986: We have as our purpose to inform and inspire, to enlighten and teach those who are gathered in this family of God's people. Through the pages of the magazine we hope to share the stories of men and women and children who are living their faith creatively.

And share it we have. Exactly 20 years ago this January, Canada Lutheran published its first magazine. Rev. Ferdinand (Ferdie) Baglo was the first editor, and with his background in journalism and broadcasting, he undertook the formation of what is now the national magazine of the ELCIC. He says he was "given freedom to develop the magazine", and its development was always with an eye to, "how best to serve the church".

The original magazine was published 12 times a year, and with Darrell Dyck, art director, and Liz Olsen, proofreader and sometimes assistant editor, Rev. Baglo covered the stories across Canada that were of interest to the newly formed ELCIC. Now 79 years old, he maintains his journalistic pursuits as Canadian correspondent for Ecumenical News International.

Rev. Kenn Ward, editor from 1991 to the spring of 2003, built on what he describes as "the solid foundation" established by Rev. Baglo. He travelled a lot during his tenure with the magazine, ("I liked to cover our beat well," he says), established and trained synod editors, and developed regular columnists. "I tried to find the variety of opinions in the church," he says. He felt strongly that Canada Lutheran had a responsibility to report what the ELCIC stands for. Rev. Ward continues to enjoy his pastorship of Messiah, Camrose, AB.

Times have changed since the magazine's inaugural issue, but the spirit of this magazine has remained—a spirit of invitation, of information and of discussion.

As we celebrate 20 years of publishing, we're excited to welcome you to a few changes in the magazine. You'll find all the usual sections and columns, although we've moved things around a little. Our cover has a fresher and more contemporary look and we think you'll find the print easier to read.

You'll notice a few other changes in this issue as well, not the least of which is a new addition we've been thinking about for a long time. I think you'll enjoy "Articles of Faith", a continuing series on theology and spirituality. We hope the topics will inform, offer some spiritual sustenance, and perhaps occasionally challenge. And if you'd like to comment on, exclaim upon, argue about, or further ponder the topics, please do so—either by writing, calling or emailing us.

Also, we are introducing "From This Side of Heaven", a refreshing look at the world from the aspect of Marla Burnie, a writer from Dauphin, MB. We think you'll enjoy her unique reflections.

And finally, you'll see more book reviews in the magazine. Many fine books are sent to us and we want to share at least some of these with you. So, tucking in beside Jean Wightman's "REview", you'll find one or two book reviews per issue, depending on the amount of room we have.

Another change is from the Eastern Synod. Winne Habel, our long-time Eastern Synod editor, has decided to move on to other challenges. We're grateful for the contribution she made to CL and wish her all the best.

If you're interested in subscribing to Canada Lutheran please go to the Subscribe section on this website.

Welcome to our 20th anniversary issue—and to another year of publishing your national ELCIC magazine.

Ida Reichardt Backman