December 2006 cover image: blue frost on window, A Rainbow in Winter

Vol 21 No 8 December 2006


National Bishops's Turn

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Happy Christmas!

As 2006, our anniversary year, draws to a close, we're taking this opportunity to thank all of the people who make Canada Lutheran possible. First of all, of course, thank you to our readers, for supporting your national magazine by subscribing to it, and by contributing your ideas and comments.

And the magazine wouldn't as completely reflect our national aspect if it weren't for the hard work done by our five synod editors: Jill Gingrich (BC), Lisa Rude (ABT), Rosine Gerhardt (SK), Viola Burkett (MNO), and Karen Gastmeier (Eastern).

Thank you to our advertisers who faithfully support the magazine, and thanks also to our printers, who consistently strive to make the magazine the best it can be.

So, we point our noses into the new year. All of us at Canada Lutheran wish every one of you blessings of the Christmas season and fond wishes for 2007.

Ida Reichardt Backman