July/August cover image: Bishop-elect Rev. Susan Johnson

Vol 22 No 5 July/August 2007


National Bishops's Turn

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Opportunities for Inspiration

Are you sitting down right now? I want to share something with you…I love convention! In case you are thinking I've just fallen off my rocker, let me say that I'm not alone as one self-professed "convention junkie" assured me during a conversation we had at the recent ELCIC National Convention.

And yes, when I declare my love for convention, it is our National Convention that I'm referring to. Maybe I'm still too much of a newbie to know any different, after all, my first convention was a mere two years ago back in 2005. Some called my foray into the national scene "baptism by fire" as I had only been on the job for six weeks and four days (not that I was counting).

But even back then, I thoroughly enjoyed our National Convention. Five hundred-plus Lutherans (plus our ecumenical partners and guests) under one roof, worshipping together, sharing the peace, doing the work of the church—Godís work. How could one not be inspired?

And so, with this issue of our publication, we bring you highlights of National Convention 2007 (coverage begins on page 8). If you weren't there, I hope that you will feel that we are able to give you a glimpse into the proceedings. By now you've also likely heard personal reflections on convention from your church delegates. Not everyone received the outcomes they were hoping for, but that's often the way democracy works.

We also cover another inspiring gathering, the ELCIC's 2007 Young Adults Conference. 18ñ30(-ish) year-olds from across Canada came together to "live it, see it, feel it and believe it". What is "it"? You'll have to turn to page 32 to find out.

Where ever your plans take you this summer, I hope you are having a joyful, faith-filled and invigorating time.

PS As we were entrenched in the final stages of production for this issue of Canada Lutheran, I had the opportunity to get together with Ida Reichardt Backman, editor for Canada Lutheran, and had a really nice time catching up with her and hearing about how she has been doing during her sabbatical. Ida shared with me that she is regaining her strength and that the news from her doctors is positive.

It was originally anticipated that Ida would return in August but on the advice of her doctor and with the support of her family, Ida has announced that she will be taking an early retirement effective September 30, 2007.

Ida's four years with Canada Lutheran saw the magazine enter into its 20th anniversary year, complete with a significant overhaul of its layout and design. We will miss her passion for Canada Lutheran and her sense of camaraderie in the office.

Don't miss the September issue of Canada Lutheran, Ida will return to this page to share with you her final Editorial Column.

Trina Gallop
Managing Editor