September cover image: Rev. Carol Janke, Messiah Lutheran, Winnipeg, on the art of sermon preparation.

Vol 22 No 6 September 2007


National Bishops's Turn

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New Adventures

Well, I guess it's true that all good things must come to an end, because this editorial marks my final official assignment with Canada Lutheran.

As many of you already know, I am recovering from breast cancer surgery and treatments, and that reality has quite decidedly changed my focus on life. And, after a lot of soul searching, I've decided to take an early retirement. It was a hard decision to come to, in part because of my keen interest in the magazine, but mostly because of the wonderful people I've met and the relationships that have developed while I've been with the ELCIC.

I am not a Lutheran, and that has stood me in good stead as editor. Some might see it as a detriment, but it really was a boon; I saw the church through (relatively) fresh eyes.

I couldn't take anything for granted. So it was a personal growth time for me as well. As you'll read in the interview with National Bishop Raymond Schultz in this magazine (page 32), ecumenism expands our souls somehow, and enhances the spirituality of that sharing.

You'll find the first column by the new National Bishop-elect, Susan Johnson, in this issue (page 42). Her enthusiasm precedes her, and she brings a wonderful energy to the position.

And as I embark on the new adventures in my life, I'd like to share another new beginning with you. Some may remember a feature story we did in June 2006 about organ transplants. We told the story of a young man who had received a double-lung transplant earlier that year, and how their faith had sustained his wife and him through their ordeal. He had, when things weren't looking good at all, been given a one percent chance of survival. Well, Barbara and Shawn are expecting their first child in January 2008.

I will miss you. But I'm also confident that everything happens for a reason, at the right time, and that the next editor will develop the magazine in new ways that will be even better. God's grace on you all.

Ida Reichardt Backman