December cover image: Think Outside the Box: For the Christmas gifts that matter most.

Vol 22 No 8 December 2007


National Bishops's Turn

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'Tis the Season to Celebrate Our Faith

Let's not forget the true miracle of Christmas.

It was around the end of August when I saw the first hints of Christmas make an appearance in some of the larger big-box stores. There was a weird contrast between the festive adornments and me standing there in my shorts and flip-flops.

Even now as we prepare this issue of the magazine, with Portage Avenue decked out in Christmas lights and the Santa Claus Parade just days away, I'm just not in the spirit … or is it Spirit … yet.

I haven't always been this way, but for many years now my Christmas starts with the first Sunday in December when we light our first Advent candle; my excitement builds with the anticipation of Jesus' birth. I try to hold tight to traditions that help keep me connected with the deeper meaning of the season, but it is easy to get caught up in the hype and expectations that are all around us this time of year.

For many, Christmas isn't just about the miracle that was born in a manger; it's about pressure, anxiety, and expense. In Lisa Petsche's article (page 8), we hope that you will find some practical and easy ways to reconnect with the real meaning of Christmas and slow down to enjoy every moment.

If you are stuck for some last-minute gift ideas, we also asked Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada pastors what they thought was the greatest gift one could give this Christmas (page 9).

From all of us here at the magazine, we wish you a blessed Advent season full of joy, family, and friends!

Trina Gallop
Editorial Director

P.S. This will be my last contribution to this page of the magazine. I've enjoyed the hands-on experience and look forward to what Lucia Carruthers, our new Canada Lutheran editor, will bring to our national publication. In this issue we also have another goodbye to share. Rosine Gerhardt, editor of the Saskatchewan Synod pages, has resigned and will be moving on to new adventures at the end of the year. Rosine, we thank you for all you've done to share the stories of the Saskatchewan Synod over the past eight years and wish you all the best.