Canada Lutheran makes regular use of photography by professional photographers.

Photo needs are varied. Of particular interest are photos of people, reflecting a wide variety of emotions, ages, race and gender, singly and interacting. Photos of people engaged in religious activity typical of behavior in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) are also welcome. Whenever possible, please ensure details in the photo that are of liturgical significance conform to the style and pattern of ELCIC (eg: vestments, worship settings, etc.)

Occasionally, a specific picture assignment is given to a photographer because of a unique need. However, the art designer prefers to keep a range of photo submissions on file indefinitely for potential use. Photos are kept on file categorized by photographer, and will be returned upon request.

A credit line is printed with all published photos. Photos are returned when published along with two copies of the issue in which the image is used.


Black & white or color prints are preferred, but any format can be used, including transparencies. Of particular interest are photos on CD-ROM using Photo CD format. Photographs that are submitted on CD-ROM have priority when selections are made. For special assignments, the art designer is also able to receive scanned images via e-mail. Please contact the art designer prior to e-mailing images, as graphic files can be large.

Cover Photos

Submissions for cover photos should allow for room at the top for the logo (can be positioned at center, right or left) and at the bottom for the mailing label. Some space will be needed on the photo for the positioning of a printed phrase. Any of the above photo formats may be used. 35mm transparencies require additional processing to achieve the quality we need for cover photos, so 4 x 5 or 8 x 10 prints are preferred. Photo CDs are also excellent for cover photos.


Payment is made only upon use. Payments range from $20 to $75 for a photo, depending on how it is used. Cover photos generally claim the greatest return: $40-$75. Feature photos next: $25-$50. News photos: $20-$30.