Letter for the church leader(s) of congregations who are new to the Canada Lutheran magazine (.pdf)

Registration form to be completed
by the CL Rep (.pdf)

Bulletin for new and renewing congregation subscribers (.pdf)

Address Changes (.pdf)


Please Note

Congregation members are encouraged to pay for their own subscriptions at the discounted CSP price, provided a CLRep has been designated.

How To Get Started

  • Designate one person to serve as the CL Rep. This person will be the liaison between Canada Lutheran and the congregation. If you have a large congregation, this person will probably appreciate a little help from a committee. In appreciation for their contribution, the CL Rep will receive their magazine subscription free.
  • Offer everyone in your congregation the opportunity to subscribe to Canada Lutheran through the congregation. You can request any of the following from the Canada Lutheran office to help you promote the program.

    Offering envelopes

    Subscription forms

    Bulletin insert
    or you can download the bulletin here as a .pdf file

Congregations may choose to collect the subscription cost from those who wish to subscribe or may opt to cover some or all of the cost from their general funds. In addition, the congregation can claim a 50% rebate on the GST charged on the magazine subscriptions.


  • Send the names and addresses of the new subscribers to the Canada Lutheran office. You can include payment with your order or request an invoice. Use this convenient form to register your CL Rep (.pdf file) and this one to list your subscribers (.pdf file.)
  • Enjoy eight issues of fresh and engaging content that keeps your congregation in touch with the larger Christian community.