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Pray, Read, Worship, Study, Serve, Give and Tell
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Join with others across the ELCIC striving for a deeper discipleship as we live out our baptismal covenants.

National Bishop Susan Johnson encourages a call to spiritual renewal and deeper discipleship within our church, including: regular attendance at worship; daily prayer and scripture reading; yearly involvement in a program of study; regular service in the community (not just the congregation); regular and proportional giving similar to the understanding of the tithe found in scripture; and commitment to sharing the good news with those around us, beginning with our family and friends. A simplified list of this call includes: Pray, Read, Worship, Study, Serve, Give and Tell.

Use the resources on the left-hand side as you begin this journey. Start with one or two new practices and make them a habit before you start trying anything else.


The Call to Spiritual Renewal Jingle!


Rev. Sebastian Meadows-Helmer, Christ the King Dietrich Bonhoeffer Lutheran Church, Thornhill, ON, says he was, "Feeling inspired by the many good tips contained in Bishop Susan's Call to Spiritual Renewal," when he thought to himself, "what's the best way to help people remember the seven verbs, and how can I teach it to kids?"

In response to his question, Rev. Meadows-Helmer wrote the Call to Spiritual Renewal jingle and added in some actions.

When it was presented for the first time as part of Rev. Meadows-Helmer's children's talk, he briefly talked about each of the verbs, and gradually taught the jingle and the actions to the kids. That's when the whole congregation started singing as well, slowly at first and ending up quicker by the end!

View the Spiritual Renewal jingle sheet music.

Video shot on an Affirmation of Baptism Sunday by Martin Habekost.


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