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About Our Website

If you have any comments or suggestions, related to this site, send a note to the Webmaster [e-mail].

For comments, questions and suggestions related to the life and ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, drop a message to the Secretary of the Church, Don Storch [e-mail].

About our website Peace be with you. Welcome to the national website of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.

With more than 1,000 webpages and several databases online, our website offers visitors a wide selection of information about our church, our congregations and our ministries. Here are a few ways to sample the buffet.

  • Our sitemap offers a broad overview of how everything is organized.
  • The link on our home page to Updates lists additions and revisions made recently.
  • Our index offers an alphabetical list of the pages and databases most often used by our visitors.

Change is the only constant on the web. We do what we can to help keep things clear. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) answers some mysteries. Working on the web delves deeper with technical details, graphics and other goodies. Rasmus continues to serve the church, changing to meet our changing needs.

This website is only one of a number of ELCIC websites maintained by a variety of organizations and individuals. Other national ELCIC sites include:

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