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If you have any comments or suggestions, related to this site, send a note to the Webmaster [e-mail].

For comments, questions and suggestions related to the life and ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, drop a message to the Secretary of the Church, Don Storch [e-mail].

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An established website bears a strong resemblance to an old family dwelling where generation after generation has added and renovated until the original structure is completely enclosed. The list below gives the general outlines of the major sections with explanatory notations where possible. An alphabetical Index of our most requested pages is also available

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

Our front door—and hallway to not only our own site but also to our sister national sites for worship, youth and public policy. The long list of 'More Choices' in the drop down menu is a fast track to many destinations. Updates points visitors to what's new. News keeps track of press releases current and archived. From the Bishop reflects the vision of our National Bishop, including texts of sermons and addresses. The high-profile nature of this page makes it an ideal showcase for a variety of ministries and messages from everywhere across the church. Submissions can be directed to Trina Gallop [e-mail].

About the ELCIC

About the Website




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Our family entrance provides information and links of interest to our ELCIC community across the country. There are quick links to the readings for upcoming Sundays and a list of church leaders to include in congregational prayers. Upcoming events and mailings are identified. One drop-down menu offers rapid access to your synod's web site while the other offers resources organized by congregational committee structure. This page is an ideal showcase for congregations to share their stories with the rest of the ELCIC. Submissions can be directed to Trina Gallop [e-mail].

Still didn't find what you were looking for? Email Trina Gallop and she will not only direct you but will also add a link here for the next person.

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