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If you have any comments or suggestions, related to this site, send a note to the Webmaster [e-mail].

For comments, questions and suggestions related to the life and ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, drop a message to the Secretary of the Church, Don Storch [e-mail].

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Website FAQ

The following answers to Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) are offered to interested readers in hope that they will be helpful to you too. If you do not see your question here, please send it to this [e-mail]. Thanks!

I'm having problems with your site. What's wrong?

Different computers and browser versions interpret the code that creates web pages in different ways. The majority of code on this site validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional or HTML 4.01 transitional with the W3C HTML Validation Service. Please report problems with coding or with readability to this email. Please include the name and version number of your browser and the particular page or section where the problem occurred.

How can I protect my computer from malicious attachments?

In order for many virus programs to run, you have to click on the attachment and launch it. As no user will knowingly launch a malicious program, the people who write these things dress up their wolf in sheep's clothing. You can protect yourself by asking a few simple questions.

  1. Did I request this file?

    Any attachment that you have not specifically requested should be considered with deep suspicion.

  2. Does the accompanying message match the sender's usual writing style?

    Most viruses will 'spoof' the sender field, filling it with valid email addresses found on the host computer. Usually people will notice that the message acompanying the virus doesn't have the same tone as their usual correspondence from that person.

  3. Do I feel rushed or upset after reading the accompanying message?

    Messages accompanying viruses will attempt to manufacture a sense of urgency. Requiring action before a deadline, threatening withdrawal of essential services or making false accusations are all tactics used to distract readers from the general illogic of the email's central request.

  4. Do I feel uneasy?

    Trust your gut and trash it.

How did the ELCIC national website begin?

The site was established in 1995 and maintained until 2000 by the volunteer efforts of André Lavergne, pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church, New Hamburg, Ontario and Wendell Grahlman, then pastor at St. James Lutheran Church, Elmira, Ontario. The church is very grateful for their visionary work and gladly accepted from them the challenge to continue to be a part of the connected community.

Who looks after this site?

The Webmaster [e-mail] maintains this Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada Web site. If you have any comments or suggestions, related to this site, send an email.

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