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About Our Website

If you have any comments or suggestions, related to this site, send a note to the Webmaster [e-mail].

For comments, questions and suggestions related to the life and ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, drop a message to the Secretary of the Church, Don Storch [e-mail].


Technical details

This site is a combination of classic HTML and Notes web-enabled databases with a light sprinkling of Adobe Acrobat .pdf's.


Congregations and ministries of the ELCIC are welcome to use any of the graphics on the site. Some popular graphics are available as higher resolution files. Others can be requested by email. Please give us a brief description of how they will be used.

Other goodies

Humans are great at building communities and cyberspace provides some interesting real estate. The sites below help map out some basic geography.

  • World Wide Web Consortium—Responsible for developing common protocols for use on the web, w3.org is the authority on correct coding and offers several useful validation tools for people developing web pages.
  • A List Apart—An online magazine where web designers share tools and ideas about web design. It is a great resource for managing the everchanging and sometimes conflicting demands of technology and audiences.
  • Living Internet—Who invented it? How does it work? How to use it? Enough technical and historical detail to help you separate fact from fiction.
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