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2020 Anglican/Lutheran Cycle of Prayer (2020-21)
2019 Manual re: Disciple of Rostered Ministers
2019 Ecumenical Shared Ministry Handbook
2019 Public Ministry in the ELCIC - Reimagining Our Church
2019 2019 Pastoral Letter
2019 ELCIC Constitution
2019 Administrative Bylaws
2019 Election 2019 Joint Letter
2019 Settler to Sojourner: Indigenous People's Day 2019
2019 Catalogue of Waterloo Ministries (Spring 2019)
2018 Canada Lutheran 2018 Bible Study Resource
2018 Guidelines for Inclusive Language for Writers, Editors, and Speakers
2018 Accessibility Standards - ELCIC National Office
2018 Remembrance Day 100th Anniversary Worship Resources
2018 Employment Agreements and Letters of Call
2017 ELCIC Audited Financial Statements
2017 Candidacy Manual 2017
2017 ELCIC's Statement to Muslims in Canada
2017 Encountering People of Other Faiths: Interfaith Guidelines
2016 Availablility for Call Form
2016 Congregational Mission Profile
2015 LWF's Welcoming the Stranger: Affirmations for Faith Leaders
2015 Criminal Justice and Corrections Systems Resolution from 2015 ELCIC National Convention
2015 Doctrine of Discovery Resolution from 2015 ELCIC National Convention
2015 Authorized Lay Ministry Policy from 2015 ELCIC National Convention
2015 Reformation Challenge Motion from 2015 ELCIC National Convention
2015 Climate Justice Motion from 2015 ELCIC National Convention
2015 Federal Election Resource
2014 Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)
2013 Joint Assembly Declaration
2012 Addressing the Issues of Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking
2012 Engaging the Issue of Ethical Investing
2011 Human Sexuality Social Statement
2011 Diaconal Ministry Brochure
2009 Stewardship of Creation Accreditation Form
2007 Continuing Education Plan (CEP) Long Term Study Leave Form
2007 Protection of Children, Youth and Other Vulnerable People - An Introduction
2006 Mutual Ministry Manual
2006 Honourary Assistant Pastors Policy
2006 Lutheran Anglican Clergy Guidelines (pdf)
2006 Lutheran Anglican Common Worship Guidelines (pdf)
2006 Protection of Children, Youth and Other Vulnerable People - Policy
2006 Protection of Children, Youth and Other Vulnerable People - Policy Forms
2006 Sexual Abuse or Harassment Policy and Appendices - 2006
2005 Cora Martinson Scholarship for Chinese Ministry
2005 Policy on Corporate Sponsorship
2004 Communications Review Task Force: Recommendations
2004 Conflict of Interest Policy
2004 Guidelines for ELCIC Applications to the Canadian Lutheran World Relief Learning and Development Fund
2004 Manual re: Discipline of Rostered Ministers
2004 Millennium Study of Leadership Needs
2003 Corporate By-Laws--Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
2003 Privacy, PIPEDA and the ELCIC
2002 With Many Voices: Executive Summary
2000 ELCIC Strategy for Stewardship 2000-2005
2000 Job Description: Synod Stewardship Consultant
1999 Vision for Mission
1999 Memorandum of Relationship between the ELCIC and CLWR
1999 Shared Ministry Resource Kit
1997 Evangelical Declaration
1995 GHDA Mandate and Policy Motions
1995 ELCIC's 1995 Statement to Jewish Communities in Canada
1993 The Report of the Confirmation Task Force
1991 Statement on Sacramental Practices
1988 Social Statement on Sustainable Economics


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