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Communiqué February 2002
Greetings from Bishop Ray
Recently in Canada Lutheran I explained some of my personal plans for communicating with synods face-to-face. Those plans are based on a church-wide strategy worked out by the officers of the synods and the national church last October. The national church and the synods each have a clear line of responsibility and initiative, with overlap only in areas that have both a national and a regional expression. Most important is that we all work together for the same mission statement. A parallel and complementary relationship exists between synods and their congregations.

As good stewards of our resources, we work in partnership, complementing rather than duplicating each other. Communication is a crucial aspect of that partnership.

The current issue of Communiqué describes plans for a more interactive method of sharing news and introducing resource materials for consideration by synods, congregations, and related agencies. If things work as planned, items will be more timely and will be accessible at any time, not just when the mailing arrives.

We here at the National Office pray for you on a daily basis. Thank you for the prayers you offer on our behalf. Our common mission is to be faithful to Christ, who calls us together through the gospel.

+ Bishop Schultz
National Bishop
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

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