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Communiqué May 2002

One of the major tasks of the National Church is to facilitate communication with and among its various units. Our goal is to assist members of congregations to access program information and share in ideas from other parts of the church. The Internet has become a valuable tool in achieving this goal, so we have gone on-line to give more people more access to more timely information. The current issue will be the last print version of Communiqué. From now on you can search the ELCIC web site for the information you want when you want it.

The ELCIC web site is a gold mine of information, ideas, contacts, links and relationships. Our worship site is considered one of the best and is visited by people from all over the world. Our web site can be used to present your ideas also, so we look forward to a more interactive relationship. Let us know how it goes!

Raymond L. Schultz, National Bishop
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
Phone: 204.984.9157

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