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Anglican Church of Canada (abbreviated ACC)

Facts correct for July, 2001


National Office

600 Jarvis Street, Toronto, ON M4Y 2J6
Telephone: 416-924-9192
Voice Mail: 416-9249199
Fax: 416-968-7983
Web site: www.anglican.ca


General Synod has been self governing since 1893 and self-supporting since 1941.

Officers 2001-2004

The Primate The Most Rev. Michael G. Peers
The Prolocutor The Rev. Rodney O. Andrews*
The Deputy Prolocutor      Mrs. Diane Brookes*
The General Secretary The Ven. James Boyles
The Chancellor The Hon. Ronald C. Stevenson
The Vice-Chancellor,
if appointed
Mr. J.H. Clyne Harradence
two Officers-at-large Mr. James Sweeny*
The Very Rev. Peter Elliott*

* Officers to be elected at the meeting of the General Synod


Parish, Diocese, Province and General Synod are the four levels of organizational structure within the Anglican Church of Canada.

The local parish is the primary center of worship and mission in the Church. Each parish is within one of 30 dioceses, and it functions under the authority of the diocesan bishop.

Each diocese is within one of four regional groupings known as an Ecclesiastical Province. The senior bishop in the Province holds the office of Metropolitan and the title Archbishop.

Collectively, the dioceses have created a national body, the General Synod, to act on their behalf in specified areas. Representatives of the dioceses come together every three years in a meeting of the General Synod. Between these meetings, a national staff and an executive committee implement the General Synod's strategic plan. The chief executive is the Primate, also an archbishop.


1997 figures
2,346 congregations in 1,563 parishes
Total membership on parish rolls 717,708

Ecclesiastical Provinces and Dioceses

Toronto Toronto Most Rev. Terence Finlay*
Niagara Hamilton Rt. Rev. D. Ralph Spence
Huron London Rt. Rev. Bruce H.W. Howe
Ottawa Ottawa Rt. Rev. Peter R. Coffin
Ontario Kingston Rt. Rev. Peter R. Mason
Algoma Sault Ste. Marie      Rt. Rev. Ronald C. Ferris
Moosonee Schumacher Rt. Rev. Caleb J. Lawrence
Keewatin Keewatin Rt. Rev. Gordon W. Beardy
Rupert's Land
Rupert's Land Winnipeg Rt. Rev. Donald D. Phillips
Brandon Brandon Rt. Rev. Malcolm A.W. Harding
Saskatchewan Prince Albert Rt. Rev. Anthony J. Burton
Calgary Calgary Rt. Rev. Barry C.B. Hollowell
Edmonton Edmonton Rt. Rev. Victoria Matthews
Arctic Yellowknife Rt. Rev. J.Christopher R. Williams
Athabasca Peace River Rt. Rev. John R. Clarke
Qu'Appelle Regina Rt. Rev. Duncan D. Wallace
Saskatoon Saskatoon Most Rev. Thomas O. Morgan*
Montreal Montreal Rt. Rev. Andrew S. Hutchison
Quebec Quebec City Rt. Rev. A. Bruce Stavert
Fredericton Fredericton Rt. Rev. William J. Hockin
Nova Scotia
Halifax Most Rev. Arthur G. Peters*
Western Nfld Corner Brook Rt. Rev. Leonard Whitten
Central Nfld Gander Rt. Rev. Donald A. Young
E. Nfld
& Labrador
St. John's Rt. Rev. Donald F. Harvey
British Columbia
Yukon Whitehorse Rt. Rev. Terrence O. Buckle
Caledonia Prince Rupert Rt. Rev. John E. Hannen
Cariboo Kamloops Rt. Rev. James D. Cruikshank
New Westminster Vancouver Rt. Rev. Michael C. Ingham
British Columbia Victoria Rt. Rev. R. Barry Jenks
Kootenay Kelowna Most Rev. David P. Crawley*

*Metropolitan of the Ecclesiastical Province

Contact: Jim Boyles, General Secretary 416-924-9199 ext 280

Media Contact: Tony Whittingham 416-924-9199 ext 324


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