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The following are a list of some of the motions before the 2015 ELCIC National Convention. Motions will be updated as they are presented and voted on by delegates.



Proposed Motion Time on Agenda Page Number Action by Convention
ELCIC Constitution Thursday, 7:30 pm and Saturday 10:30 am pp. F-20 to F-27 Carried
ELCIC Administrative Bylaws Thursday, 7:30 pm and Saturday 10:30 am pp. F-27 to F-49 Carried
ELCIC Reformation Challenge Friday, 9:15 am pp. F-49 to F-50 Carried, as amended
2014 Audited Statements Friday, 4:00 pm p. E-71 Carried
2015–2017 Budgets Friday, 4:00 pm p. E-55 Carried
ELCIC Resolution on the Doctrine of Discovery Friday, 7:45 pm pp. F-50 to F-51 Carried, with the addition of a friendly amendment
ELCIC Resolution on the Criminal Justice and Corrections Systems in Canada Friday, 7:45 pm pp. F-51 to F-60 Carried
ELCIC Policy Regarding Authorized Lay Ministries Saturday, 8:30 am pp. F-60 to F-62 Carried
ELCIC Resolution on Welcoming the Stranger Saturday, 2:30 pm pp. F-62 to F-65 Carried
ELCIC Resolution on Climate Justice Saturday, 2:30 pm pp. F-65 to F-66 Carried


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