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Mission in the World (MW)

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Kelvin Krieger,
Program Coordinator, Mission in the World
Phone 204.984.9164
Toll free: 1.888.786.6707 Ext 164
Fax 204.984.9185
E-mail vim@elcic.ca
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada,
302-393 Portage Ave,
Winnipeg MB R3B 3H6

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News and Notes

Rev Paul Johnson will starting on March 3 as the Assistant to the Bishop for Ecumenical Relations although he has already begun to get set up in the national office. Paul will address the ecumenical and international aspects of the ELCIC including carrying out policy and supervision of the Mission in the World program. Paul brings experience as an MK (“missionary kid”), having spent his first thirteen years in Madang, Papua New Guinea where his father served as a missionary pilot. The work of the National Church Council "Vision for Mission" Task Force has been put on hold until sometime after Paul comes on board.

The first two newsletters from the team of mission pastors in the southern Patagonia Region of Argentina have been received. When the Kiel family left Argentina in 2002, the United Evangelical Lutheran Church of Argentina (IELU) asked that the ELCIC not send a Canadian missionary in their place and instead support a team of IELU pastors to carry on the mission work in the Patagonia. ELCIC Mission in the World has agreed to work with IELU in this way. Supporters of the Kiels have been invited to participate in "Patagonia Mission Sponsorship" and develop a relationship with this team of mission pastors.

Pastor Etienne Fomgbami will be in the ABT Synod for two weeks in February, in Regina in mid March, in Kitchener-Waterloo in early May and at the LWF Assembly in Winnipeg in July. The rest of his time will be spent in the MNO Synod where an evangelism Sunday is scheduled for March 30. The months of April to June will be devoted to follow up visits with MNO congregations that received the "Simply Share the Good News" evangelism training. The Good News Partner program is in its third and final year and the Fomgbami family will return to Cameroon in August.

Continental Crossings

Brian Rude traveled to Alberta in December for a Christmas vacation. A doctor in Calgary determined that Brian required cataract surgery which was quickly scheduled for January 7. Brian is enjoying clear vision now and has returned to El Salvador.

Ruth Vince, Executive Director of the ELW, will travel to Cameroon in April to attend a meeting of the Femmes Pour Christ, the women’s organization of the Evangelical Lutheran of Cameroon. She will also assist Mission in the World by visiting the Browns and Fredericks, looking into the possibility of a mission exposure tour for 2005 and assisting with preparations for the Fomgbami family's return to Cameroon.

Katharine Bergbusch will be in Canada on home leave this year. In May she will be in the BC Synod, companion of the Peruvian Lutheran Evangelical Church, and in June she will be in the Eastern Synod to visit a number of sponsoring congregations. She will return to Peru in August.


For Etienne and Jeanne Fomgbami as they prepare for the birth of their sixth child in June and for good health for Jeanne during this pregnancy.

For Lori Endress who is scheduled for foot surgery in February.

For good health for Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea Bishop Wesley Kigasung who periodically suffers from debilitating bouts of asthma.

For Katharine Bergbusch and Brian Rude with thankfulness that they were not injured in recent vehicle accidents, in Peru and El Salvdor respectively, and for strength to deal with the aftermath of these accidents.

For Erika Parker who was robbed of her valuables while visiting Spain at Christmas time, with thankfulness that she was unharmed and able to replace her passport and return to teaching in Slovakia.

Established September, 1995. Page revised June 2, 2005.

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