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Pentecost Sermon Series 2001

Trinity Sunday, Pentecost 2


Most people can remember a time when they have asked questions and have received the answer "you're too young to know that yet."

Parents often withhold information and descriptions from young children because they know the child does not have the necessary basic knowledge or the experience to comprehend the information they are asking for. To be told all the details would only create confusion and misunderstanding.When I was a child I read everything I could get my hands on. My teacher would often see what I was reading and tell me I should wait to read "that book" because I wasn't old enough or mature enough to understand what the author was really saying.

Rev. Donald Bolstad

Rev. Donald Bolstad
Christ the King Lutheran Church,
Fort McMurray Alberta

I read some of those books again when I was older and more mature. Sure enough, what my teacher had told me was true. The second time the story made sense, and I gained some important insights I had missed before.

The gospel text shows us Jesus' gentle way of teaching his disciples that they are just beginning to learn and understand what the good news is all about. He also gives us a promise. There is always more to come, both in knowledge and understanding and in the joyous experience of living by faith. He also promises them a teacher, the spirit of truth.

Every one of us who have walked with the Lord can look back on our lives and see how we have been shaped by the spirit, so that our understanding of scripture and of Jesus' love for us has blossomed and born fruit in our lives. It is an even greater joy for me when I see that happening in the faith life of another person.

I remember when my friend "Chad" revealed to me that he had bone cancer. He had been a believer in God all his life having grown up in a Lutheran family. As his cancer progressed over the next two years, Chad grew in his faith. He became a student of the Bible reading it like he had never read it before. During the last two months of his life he was hospitalized and suffered a great deal with pain. Yet inspite of his discomfort, his faith grew. The week before he died, he told me he had always found it hard to think it possible to thank God in all circumstances. But now he could understand because as he said, "Now at last I really know how much Jesus loves me. I believe like I have never believed before."

"Lucy" was a young woman who came to "new-member class" because she wanted to be baptized and become a member of the congregation her "fiancé" belonged to. She was an eager student full of questions and eagerly responding with fresh insights. Experiencing her journey in faith was like watching a flower grow from seedling to blossom. Five years later she is still on a journey of discovery, as she understands more fully and is continually moving deeper in the faith. She is discovering more about the love of God, each insight building on previous ones. Now she is seeing through the eyes of faith eager to share the love of Jesus and tell the story. Her question now is, "How can anyone not believe?"

-- Rec. Donald Bolstad


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