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Pentecost Sermon Series 2001

Day of Pentecost


  • This Gospel is found in between the institution of the Last Supper and the Trial of Jesus...
           ...and is filled with many teachings.

    Likewise, Pentecost is a festival in between Easter and "every-day living"...
           ...with the focus on many teachings during Pentecost season.

    Thus our sights are raised to the highest of revelation in Jesus' resurrection...
           ...and yet challenged to apply the Christian Faith in every-day living.

Bishop Grundahl greets Roberto Stein, Executive Secretary of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church of Argentina.
Rev. Allen Grundahl
Bishop, Saskatchewan Synod
Evangelical Lutheran
Church in Canada

  • After Jesus gives comfort (...way - truth - life),...
           ...the deep desire is noted to "see the Father"...
             ...indicating the deep human desire for connection with God...
               ...which, of course, is revealed in Jesus (v.8-11).

  • Believers will do the actions of Christ...and greater! (v.12-13)...
           ...thus we are invited to ASK...in order to unleash God's unlimited resources!

  • The unique assistance promised to loving, obedient believers is..Pentecost! (v.15-17 & 25-26)
           ...God's Spirit influences from beyond ourselves
           ...we are not alone...
           ...and we'll be as surprised...and the resurrection surprised all!
           ...and we will teach of Christ.

  • Peace of heart is given (v.27)...
           ...and thus no need to fear or be troubled.

  • What a transformation out of Pentecost...
           ...we can be positive, confident people...
             ...in the middle of the troubles and challenges of real life...
               ...because God's Spirit is with us.

A Pentecost Story from Canada

A struggling little congregation in the northern part of this region was stirred by God's Spirit to search for new life.

They found two other small groups in their area who had the same desire! The other groups were not Lutheran, but God's Spirit had moved in them, too!

So the three groups started to worship together and discovered that they shared the same basic beliefs and perspectives, even though their national church bodies were different.

The entire group was still very small, so they could afford to have only a half-time pastor. But God's Spirit has moved one pastor to help them for a few months. Now they are looking for another pastor - please pray for them.

However, while they have been praying and looking, more people have joined into the worshipping group!...in fact, enough people that neither of their two little buildings will hold everyone who wants to worship! (The third group does not have a building)

What to do? They plan to move the Lutheran building across the small town and attach it to the other church building!! Then everyone can worship at the same time! Furthermore, they have discovered that the shape of the two buildings is exactly the same...so they will easily fit together!

How God's Spirit of Pentecost moves in ways we don't understand! Thus, we have confidence that God's Spirit will continue to move and guide into the future.


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