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Easter Sermon Series 2001

Easter 6


This text has two major subjects. The first one is "love", another is "Holy Spirit". Both are relevant to the spiritual life of every Christian. I would like to concentrate on the subject of "love".

Rev. T.K. Otto Ng
Hosanna Chinese Lutheran Church,
Calgary, Alberta

The fundamental question for a Christian's loving relationship with God is "How can a Christian loves a God who basically is formless, faceless - actually is invisible?"

Nowadays even for a man to love a woman, all his life is not easy. How can we love a formless and faceless God in this egoistic and materialistic world?

Love is a kind of relationship between two subjects, and the perfect love usually can merge two people into one. That means inside your life with my life, inside my life with your life. Love makes someone willing to sacrifice oneself for another. As Paul said, "A man should fulfill his duty as a husband, and a woman should fulfill her duty as a wife, and each should satisfy the other's needs. A wife is not the master of her own body, but her husband is; in the same way a husband is not the master of his own body, but his wife is." (1 Cor. 7:4&5 TEV) However, if we have experienced the love of God, we will know the love of God doesn't only decrease the darkness in our life, true love transforms and transcends our earthly life into godly. St. John told us, "There is no fear in love; perfect love drives out all fear." (1 John 4:18)

On a night in 1991, when I was doing a personal spiritual exercise, a phone call came to me. After I listened to the call, I was upset and angry by its message. Then I tried to suppress my feeling and went back to my room to continue my spiritual exercise. I could understand every single word and every sentence of the scriptural passage; still it didn't make sense to me.

I felt frustration, and then I closed the bible and prayed to God. Actually, I poured out all my feelings and my frustrations to Him. Ten minutes after, suddenly, I felt the presence of God. Everything had become so harmonious; my heart had become so peaceful. This feeling was so nice, everything seemed so all right and deep inside me was a kind of enjoyment. Thanks God, these feeling lasted for one week. In that duration, I felt that everything was so beautiful and meaningful.

One day when I was on a street, I saw a man climb out from the bottom of a big truck. He was dirty, and his face was covered by black motor oil. Suddenly, I associated that I was so fortunate that I was like a wood that was saved and was picked out from a hot fireplace. This fortunate feeling can compare with a bride walking out hand in hand with her lover bridegroom from the altar of their wedding. I found I was chosen by God from billions of people, He has given me his grace and salvation. He called me as his servant, and I can become a servant of the King of eternity.

The feeling is similar to a person who gets involved into a romantic love. The feeling is that his or her life has been opened and life has become more meaningful. Love can beautify and manifest one's life. However, the relationship of two lovers can be carried on, but this kind of intensive feeling is hard to keep for a long time. Human beings are easily side-tracked by worldly things. Romantic love is always based on certain conditions. However, the love of Jesus Christ and the love of our heavenly Father is different. It is unconditional, and forgiving. It much more than a sensational feeling, but emotional, rational and practical as well.

-- Rev. T.K. Otto Ng


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