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Easter Sermon Series 2001

Easter 2

Resurrection and Expectation

The resurrection of Jesus has enabled people like us to fulfill the ministry of life.

Verses 19-23 Jesus' resurrection reminds us that he is the conqueror of death.

Rev. Enoch Tan

Good Shepherd Chinese Lutheran Church,
Edmonton, Alberta

The commission of the disciples would not achieve anything if they had not received the power of the Holy Spirit. And it is this power that will transform the lives of the people and give life.

Verses 24-29 The glimpse of Jesus glorious divinity through Thomas' contact lens of faith eventually expelled his doubtfulness. What a joy to see the heavenly light outshines people's darkness.

Verses 30-31 The Bible is worth reading. The resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ has shown that the Bible is The Book of Life.

On Easter morning each year, the people of our congregation meet in the mausoleum after they had a love feast holding a memorial service to commemorate their ancestors who had been called to be with the Lord. I assume that this is a lively interpretation of the truth of resurrection. The way we gather there is to remember and honor our elderly folks and to affirm the hope of the second coming of our Lord.

--Rev. Enoch Tan


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