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Job Description: Synod Stewardship Consultant

  1. General Scope and Purpose:
    1. Work with the appropriate synod committee to consult, co-ordinate and make available stewardship resources to every parish in the synod.
    2. Interpret stewardship in the synod through contact with every cluster and conference.

    3. Cooperate with other synod consultants and national staff in development of stewardship programs and resources for use in synods, conferences and congregations by identifying and sharing a) problems, b) opportunities, c) strategies, and d) program resources.

  2. Relationships:
    1. Appointed by the synod bishop after consultation with the appropriate synod structures and the national stewardship coordinator.
    2. Accountable to synod bishop through the appropriate synod structures.
    3. Reporting to synod bishop through the appropriate synod structures, and to the national coordinator based on an initial work plan and sharing regular (monthly) progress reports and self-evaluation.
    4. Work collaboratively through the bishop and/or synod committee with all relevant synod structures, (eg. Global Hunger and Development Appeal, Mission, Evangelism, and other related areas.
    5. Relate to the stewardship structures within the ELCIC.
    6. Participate in the ELCIC National Stewardship Consultations.

  3. Training and support:
    1. Initial training event to be conducted by national stewardship staff.

    2. Ongoing support from national coordinator and staff team.

    3. Intentional mutual support with other synod stewardship consultants through regular progress reports and through collaboration as required.

    4. Further training and support may be provided by the appropriate synod committee.

  4. Remuneration:
    1. Stipend $8,000 annually for 400 hours / year paid by the synod with funds provided by the ELCIC.

    2. Expense budget of $2000 annually paid by the synod with funds provided by the ELCIC.

    3. Other work-related costs (secretarial support, equipment, additional travel, phone expenses, etc.) funded by the synod as negotiated between the consultant and the synod.

  5. Consultant Services:
    1. Assist synod committee to develop and implement comprehensive stewardship plans for the synod.

    2. Assist congregations through the synod committee, conferences and clusters to develop and implement comprehensive stewardship plans.

    3. Facilitate training of synod, conference and congregational stewardship leaders.

  6. Personal Qualities:
    1. Motivated and motivating individual with a) vision for expanded mission in the church, b) willingness to challenge complacency graciously, and c) patience and persistence in building a team effort.

    2. A task-oriented individual who is able to work independently but cooperatively.

    3. Able to facilitate and work with groups.

    4. Able to travel within the synod and to national meetings.

    5. Commitment to good personal stewardship practices.

Process for Appointing and Funding Synod Stewardship Consultants

  1. The NCC approved a grant of $40,000 to be allocated annually from LIFE to underwrite the cost of five consultants, one in each synod. Projected time line is October 2000 through December 2005.

  2. The ELCIC shall provide each synod $8000 per year on a quarterly basis to be expended on a stewardship consultant engaged by the synod for 20% time (or equivalent of one day per week). The ELCIC grant will be paid to the synod for every quarter that a stewardship consultant is in place.

  3. The position shall be funded when a synod consultant is appointed, to begin no earlier than October 1, 2000.

  4. The consultant shall be appointed by the synod bishop after consultation with the national coordinator. The term of the appointment is recommended to be one year, renewable.

  5. The synod may increase its own funding in order to increase the position beyond 20%.

  6. The ELCIC shall provide to each synod an expense budget of $2000 annually for use by the synod stewardship consultant. The synod shall monitor and verify the consultant's travel costs.

  7. A job description shall be approved by the ELCIC and synods together based on a draft prepared by the national stewardship staff.

Approved December 11, 2000
National Stewardship Consultation

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