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Continuing Education Plan (CEP)Equipping, Challenging, Refreshing Professional Leaders in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada


The Continuing Education Plan (CEP) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) is a national program intended to encourage and support life-long learning among rostered and non-rostered/lay employees. CEP assists employers in achieving their goals for mission by providing resources for employee education and training. CEP also supports synods and the National Church in encouraging life-long learning across the ELCIC.


The ELCIC expects professional leaders to possess a thorough grounding in the Christina faith and Holy Scriptures, coupled with an understanding of the world and society in which ministry must take place. Professional leaders need to grow continually in understanding and competence in order to be faithful in discipleship. CEP offers the means by which members may:

  • further develop present knowledge and skills;
  • acquire new knowledge and skills; and
  • experience growth for more effective ministry.

The recommended guideline is that members are expected to engage in at least 90 hours of continuing education over each three-year period.


A separate account is maintained for each individual member, where member-contributions, employer-contributions, education disbursements, and educational hours are recorded. Group Services Inc. (GSI) reports to members and employers on an annual basis. Employers and members are asked to review the reports together as a way of making plans for continuing education that will benefit the ministry.


Continuing education can be done through workshops, classes, retreats, guided groups, individual coaching and spiritual direction. Whatever the format; continuing education should be planned to further an individual's goal for ministry and to serve the congregation or agency's goals for mission. Learn more about the CEP policy.


Reimbursement forms can be found on the Group Services Inc. (GSI) website. Eligible expenses must comply with Canada Revenue Agency education expense requirements and with the ELCIC's Policy on Expense Reimbursement.


Advance Study Grants

Members of the CEP plan are eligible to apply for Advance Study Grants for study towards an advanced degree. Applications are due January 15 each year.


The ELCIC's CEP program is administered through GSI. Further information on the program, along with forms, can be found on their website.

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