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Conflict of Interest Policy

National Church Council members have a duty to conduct themselves in an ethical, lawful and professional manner. When the personal or professional concerns of a Council member affect his/her ability to put the welfare of the ELCIC before personal benefit, or may cause the possibility of the Council member to put personal benefit before the welfare of the ELCIC, conflict of interest exists. All members of the Council shall make every effort to avoid conflict of interest or the appearance of conflict of interest.

Members of National Church Council will annually disclose their involvements, relationships, positions or circumstances which might produce a conflict of interest.

A Council member shall not disclose or use information relating to the business of the ELCIC National Church Council for personal profit or advantage or in such a manner that a conflict arises between the interest of the ELCIC and his/her interest.

There shall be no self-dealing or conduct of private or personal services between Council members and the ELCIC, except as procedurally controlled to assure openness, competitive opportunity and equal access to otherwise "inside" information.

Council members shall not use their positions to obtain for themselves, their family members or close associates direct employment by the ELCIC.

In the event that it is not entirely clear that a conflict of interest exists, the individual with the potential conflict shall disclose the circumstances to the Bishop or his designate who shall determine whether a conflict of interest exists.

A member who has a conflict of interest shall declare the conflict when the meeting agenda is being approved if possible, or at the first opportunity thereafter.

Those who declare a conflict of interest may neither speak to nor vote on motions or amendments concerning the matter on which they have made the declaration and shall be excluded from the meeting room during the discussion. Members who declare a conflict of interest shall not attempt to exert personal influence with respect to the matter either at or outside the meeting.

Those who abstain from participation or leave the meeting because of their declared conflict of interest are still included as present in determining whether there is a quorum.

The minutes must record all declarations of conflict of interest.

Adopted by National Church Council
March 6, 2004

In full communion with The Anglican Church of Canada
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