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Communications Review Task Force: Recommendations

  1. Add to National Office a "Director of Communications" (or other manageable form of centralization) with the expertise and authority to oversee all communication strategy and vehicles. This position must deal only and specifically with communication.
  2. Maintain the current format of Canada Lutheran with some review of content and distribution.
  3. Have National Church Council address revisions to the constitution and/or bylaws necessary to change the Canada Lutheran editor's position from elected to a staff/contract position.
  4. Broaden distribution of ELCIC communication in a diversity of ways.
  5. Develop a practise of integration and cross-promotion of all communication tools.
  6. Improve ecumenical communication partnerships in order to maximize shared resources and a "presence" in Canadian society.
  7. Allocate financial resources and staff adequately to support communication as a critical role of National Office.

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