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Who was Rasmus?

This project is named after Rasmus Jensen, the first Lutheran pastor in North America.

Pastor Jensen was the chaplain of an expedition sent in the spring of 1619 by King Christian IV of Denmark and Norway to search for the Northwest Passage to India. The expedition landed on the shore of Hudson Bay at the present day site of Churchill Manitoba in the fall of 1619.

His commemoration date is February 20.

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Congregation Membership

ELCIC congregations will have a new tool for ministry in mid 2001. The Congregation Membership component of Rasmus tracks key information about people and programs of the congregation. The fields and terminology match ELCIC usage. Full text indexing makes it easy to search for a specific document. Customizable fields allow congregations to adapt the software to their local situation. Annual parochial reports can be submitted electronically.

  • People
    • keep track of addresses, phone numbers, email addresses of individual members and adherents. Generate merge files to use in your wordprocessor to create mailing labels, directory lists and more.
    • record both preferred name and baptismal name.
    • additional address field for seasonal or temporary address changes.
    • sort people by categories that you create.
    • automated name change feature groups all old documents the new name while keeping a record of the previous name(s).
    • Birthday, anniversary dates can be viewed by the month in which they occur.
    • Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages, Funerals forms have ample space to record details
  • Donations
    • track weekly gifts and special donations by date, giver and designation.
    • add additional gift designations according to your needs.
    • generate merge files to create receipts for both single occasion donors and annual givers.
    • track loose offering, gifts in kind, and gifts that do not qualify for a charitable tax receipt in addition to regular giving
  • Programs
    • create Sunday school classes based on the number and grade level of students
    • create class lists and participant lists including telephone numbers for program leaders
    • be able to compare program choices and participation from year to year to aid planning
    • track individuals participation in programs over time
Proposed Subscription Fees
ELCIC pastors $50 annually
ELCIC congregations first year $100 first ID,
$50 each additional ID

subsequent years $50 each ID

Note: Congregational IDs stay with congregation but pastor IDs travel from call to call

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