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Who was Rasmus?

This project is named after Rasmus Jensen, the first Lutheran pastor in North America.

Pastor Jensen was the chaplain of an expedition sent in the spring of 1619 by King Christian IV of Denmark and Norway to search for the Northwest Passage to India. The expedition landed on the shore of Hudson Bay at the present day site of Churchill Manitoba in the fall of 1619.

His commemoration date is February 20.

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Rasmouse Tales

Project Partners


Rasmouse is very impressed with the electronic partnership that has grown between the ELCIC National and Synod Offices. Using the Rasmus database, information entered at any one location is immediately useful to all others. So when Pastor Luther Martins and his family notify his synod office of their move from Victoria to Lunenburg, N.S., everyone in the Rasmus network will know his new address and phone number.

Want the attendance for the last church convention, the email addresses of National Church Council, or the locations of Partners in Faith congregations? It's just a click away on the Contact List. Mailing labels, form letters, lists, tables are a snap—Rasmus can merge!

Email is not only a faster way to communicate than the postal system, but it saves money, too. Committees can share agendas, reports, and even chat-rooms. Office staff can contact large numbers of people with one message. All mail is stored on the computer, saving paper and providing an excellent record of correspondence.

Rasmouse browsed the ELCIC web sites. Starting at www.elcic.ca, he used links to jump quickly from one site to another. He noticed early on that the work done at all levels (national, synodical and congregational) intertwines and overlaps.

Electronic communication is alive and well between the offices of the ELCIC! Time is saved, long-distance phone expenses are curtailed, and information is shared quickly and efficiently. Rasmouse's whiskers are quivering with admiration.

You can contact Rasmouse:
communique@elcic.ca (subject line "Rasmouse")
204.984.9185 (fax attn: Rasmouse)
toll-free 1.888.786.6707 ext. 153, or 204.984.9153

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