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ADDITIONS - individuals added through ordination, transfers,or by colloquy.

TRANSFERRED - individuals transfered between ELCIC synod rosters

REMOVED - individuals who have resigned or been removed by the Synod.

NECROLOGY - individuals who are deceased.

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Ordained Roster Statistics

The roster of ordained ministers includes all the ordained currently under the jurisdiction of the ELCIC. Individuals on the roster may be under a call to a congregation or special ministry, on leave from call or retired. Each annual report includes a summary chart of all the changes experienced by each synod roster during the calendar year. Listings of the individual's name, synod roster and the date of the change are grouped as follows.

  • Additions lists individuals added to the roster through ordination, transfers from other church bodies or by colloquy.
  • Individuals are removed from the roster by death, transfers to other church bodies, resignation or removal by the synod. Those removed by death are reported under Necrology, a list of the recently dead. All other removals are reported under Removed.
  • Transferred records transfers of individuals between ELCIC synod rosters. These listings included both the receiving synod and the synod from which the individual was transferred.

Click on the year to read the full report of changes to the roster for each period.



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