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I have called you friends.

Generations of Generosity.

Go and See… a discovery
and celebration of the gifts
God has given.

Let God Lead…
As you Gather and Give.

All–Year–Long Giving—
A Perpetual Celebration.

Stewardship quotes

Stewardship is ...


…a faith issue

"Stewardship, including financial stewardship, is essentially a faith issue… God calls us stewards as his beloved children, and promises his love and acceptance of us forever. Having incorporated us into his family, then God invites us to work in the world to foster God's purposes. Part of that call is to acknowledge in our hearts and lives that our very being and everything we have belongs to God, and we are caretakers using ourselves for his Kingdom."

Dr. William O. Avery, "Y2K, A Report Card on Stewardship", Faith in Action, (Winter 1999), p. 13

…between God and us

"Stewardship is a relational issue between God and us. We may have a good relationship (like Zacchaeus in Luke 19) or we may have a bad relationship (like the rich ruler in Luke 18). Our stewardship is how we live in that relationship between God and us. Moreover, God invites us to consider money and possessions in the same way we are to consider everything else: as belonging to God who has entrusted them into our hands. The question is not, how much of what is mine do I give to others. The question is, how much of what is God's do I reserve for myself. The answer we give is a faith issue, a stewardship issue.

Dr. William O. Avery, "Y2K, A Report Card on Stewardship", Faith in Action, (Winter 1999), p. 13

…service to the world

"Stewards do not work for the welfare of the church…Rather, in a theology of the cross, stewards give themselves and their church up in service to the world working especially for justice, peace and the integrity of creation. The Church was never meant to be the majority of a society. Rather is it a small committed community that functions as the salt of the world, the yeast of the loaf, the catalyst for God's shalom."

Dr. William O. Avery, A History of Stewardship (Chicago, Lutheran Laity Movement for Stewardship 1995), p. 29

…living in covenant

"The Christian who sees his or her primary identity as a steward living in covenant with the living God will not have to struggle too much with stewardship as an abstract concept. When we realize that to be a steward is far more than to wonder about how much money to give to the church, that is the beginning of our journey as stewards. "

Ronald E. Vallet, The Steward Living in Covenant (Grand Rapids, William B. Eerdmans Publishing, 2001), p. 1

…good news

"How we use and manage God's gifts affects far more than our economic life. We are stewards in our use of God's creation, in our personal relationships, in our political and ecclesial institutions, in our work, and in our use of time. Indeed, we are stewards of the gospel itself—the good news entrusted to all of us in the church."

Bruce C. Birch, in his Foreword to The Steward Living in Covenant by Ronald E. Vallet, p. xii

…a joyful acceptance

"Our religion is not a struggle to develop our own spiritual resources in order to rise to his (God's) level. It is a joyful acceptance of the divine resources to which we have access because he has descended to our level… The keynote of this Christ centered theology is grace… We do not have to bargain with God: if I do this for you, will you do this for me? We do not have to buy his favour. It is he who has already bought us with a price… He has already given us the status of sons."

T. A. Kantonen, A Theology for Christian Stewardship(Philadelphia, Muhlenberg Press, 1956), p8 - 9

…a challenge accepted

"God invites us to develop into stewards. As stewards we accept the mantle of leadership and do so in every aspect of life. One of the main problems in today's church is that too many laity are content to remain as children of God and disciples rather than assume the responsibility of stewardship leadership. You become a steward when you recognize that you are responsible for some thing you do not own and you act on that recognition…

What the Christian Church needs today is for laity to take their proper place as stewards throughout their lives. Our society needs laity to accept the challenge of living as leaders—taking active responsibility in their lives as co-workers with God in God's plan for this world."

William O Avery, A History of Stewardship (Chicago, Lutheran Laity Movement for Stewardship 1995), pp. 34 - 35

…a reason to rejoice

"…loving God, loving people, reaching out."

Herb Miller in his foreword to Eugene Grimm's Generous People (Nashville, Abingdon Press, 1992) p 7

"We believe, teach and confess that everything we have is a gift from God entrusted to our nurture and care and that the Christian life is a life of stewardship."

Evangelical Declaration

"We, as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, will celebrate and rejoice in the gifts which God has given us to carry out our mission in the world today. Where we see need we will take action. We will use our gifts deliberately to be the people of God for others."

Evangelical Declaration

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