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2005-2006 Resource Set

The following resources have been written and submitted so that you and your congregation can begin to tell the stories. Use them in your newsletter, at worship, with small groups, as discussion starters, sermon illustrations….

A complete set contains one copy of each of the following. Please order in print ONLY if you cannot access these items from the website. You have permission to use them as best suits your congregation…or as inspiration to write your own material.

Generations of Generosity

A Steward's Story

This set of stories, told from the heart, can serve as an example of the stories within your faith community that are waiting to be told.

Small-Group Bible Study

Based on Luke 15:11-32 (the Prodigal Son), Psalm 78:2-7 and Matthew 18:2-5 (Jesus and the children), this study will lead your group to examine the "family" relationship, to test your ability to "witness" to your congregation's faith story and finally to recognize that all generations have a story of faith and stewardship to tell.

Children's Messages

There is no better way to get a large idea across in a short time than to present it as a "children's message".

We All Need to Work Together: a legend about tools in Jesus' carpentry shop

Sharing our Blessings: bags of candy and a lesson about sharing and tithing.

God is So Good: children have the chance to hear this year's stewardship theme scripture and to bring it alive immediately.

Intergenerational Event:

Let the Word of God Dwell in You: Share the Gospel always. Use words when necessary. Favourite Bible characters step out of their stories and challenge listeners to examine the motivation and principles behind every-day actions. This time of drama and discussion will draw out the stories of stewards in your congregation.

Small Group Activities:

Take a Church Tour: have you ever stopped to list all the rooms in your church, who uses them and why? This walk-about prayer will celebrate and bless your ministries.


Time and Talent "Promise Card" for Children: Is your annual T&T card aimed at adults? This resource will help you design one for the younger stewards in your midst.

The Value of Time: Each steward receives only 24 hours a day. This resource, just the right size for your newsletter, will help all to value those moments. A visit to the interactive survey at http://www.elca.org/healthychurch/garden/ is a great complementary activity!

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