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Theme for 2003 - 2004

Let God Lead ... as You Gather and Give

How do members at your church decide how much money to put in the offering plate?

Are decisions made based on the budget or the Bible? Are pledges made out of habit or as a spiritual discipline? Is the offering a time of duty or devotion? Commerce or celebration?


Let God Lead

"Lift up the offering plate and speak frankly about cash, and hard-headed business folk go sheepish or silent; bold, brimstone preachers lose their fire; and congregations look at their collective shoes and shuffle in discomfort."

Let God Lead, the 2003-2004 Stewardship emphasis suggested for ELCIC churches, offers not only a challenge to the "way we've always done it" but also concrete ideas and tools that will invite your congregation to let God lead as they prayerfully consider their financial gifts.

Stewardship Inserts
Twelve inspirational articles, matched to the seasons and suitable for your newsletter or for use as bulletin inserts. Download from www.elcic.ca as a ready-to-print pdf. Also available in print as a photocopy master.

Time/Talent Commitment Sheet
21.5 x 28 cm, newly designed this year. Use the copy in your sample pack or download from the links below and photocopy or edit for your own use. ELCIC logo, instead of theme illustration allows you to use this in any year.

  • ready-to-print .pdf file with ministry checklist
  • ready-to-edit .doc file with ministry checklist
  • ready-to-print .pdf file with blank right hand side, no ministry categories

Sing it out

With One Voice
  • 752 "I, the Lord of Sea and Sky"
    …I will go Lord, if you lead me…
  • 760 "For the Fruit of all Creation"
    …God's will be done.…
  • 756 "Lord, You Give the Great Commission"
    …may your care and mercy lead us…
Lutheran Book of Worship
  • 403 "Lord, Speak to Us"
    …lead us, Lord, that we may lead…
  • 444 "With the Lord Begin Your Task"
    …if your task be thus begun…
  • 429 "Where Cross the Crowded Ways of Life"
    …we hear your voice…we catch the vision…
Agape—Songs of Hope and Reconciliation

(Song Book for the Tenth Assembly of the Lutheran World Federation )

  • 29 "God Who Made the Stars of Heaven"
    …lead us by your hand…

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