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2004 - 2005 Resource Set

Have you ever needed a resource, but felt too humble to create it yourself? Go and See what other ELCIC clergy and lay leaders have written.

Complete set contains one copy of each of the following. You may order single items. To do so, please use the order code that follows each description. Please order in print ONLY if you cannot access these items on the ELCIC website. You have permission to use them as best suits your congregation or as inspiration to write your own material.

Go and See


  • Stewardship in the Bible began as the way to reinforce important relationships. Today in our Gospel reading (Mark 12:38-44), we have two stories about the use or misuse of important relationships. S1 Download
  • How to achieve our goals for ministry? How to get rid of the deficit? How to continue to support our present ministries? One answer is the flat-lining of salaries. Another is to wait for new members with cheque books to pass through our doors. I had another thought in mind—the careful, inward look of each of us towards our financial support of ministry. S2 Download
  • The Lord asks us to take the initiative and to step out in faith. When we obey we discover that miracles begin to happen. When we are obedient to what he ask us than he does what only God can do. We need to think big! Do you have a big vision of all that is possible with God or are you locked into negative thinking and small mindedness? S3 Download
  • Is mission happening in your congregation? Maybe it is time for an evaluation. Ask: "What is it that God has asked us to do?" Begin in thanksgiving. S4 Download
  • Everyone at church this morning has received a loaf of bread. Now, let's talk about stewardship. S5 Download

Small-Group Bible Study

  • At Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Okotoks, Council meetings open with a Bible reading and prayer. This may flow into a Bible study or devotional reflection on the text. Their mission statement is also read. By the time they deal with "business", they've been reminded whose business they should be about. B1 Download

Children's Messages

  • There is no better way to get a large idea across in a short time than to present it as a "children's message". These three all have a stewardship theme and can be used at any time. C1 Download


  • Joe's Awakening: a discussion between Joe Blow and St. Peter offers suggestions on living the life of a Christian steward. SK1 Download
  • Pastor, How Much Shall We Give?: A short drama for 3 players that examines the question of how much offering to give to the church. SK2 Download
  • Beyond the Down Payment: A church pledges to support growth and a teenager learns that planning for the future takes more than a down payment. SK3 Download


  • Westside Lutheran Church is a fast-growing, enthusiastic mission in Barrie, ON. Since 2001 membership has increased by 50%. Financial donations have increased by 282%! Pledging is an important tool for this congregation. What do the people ask (and get) in return? T1 Download
  • How do you feel when you are asked to volunteer? Was I Conned? is one volunteer's point of view. T2 Download


  • Money Matters was created by a student at the Lutheran Collegiate Bible Institute. She explains, "Originally I directed it towards teenagers, people like me. I tried to keep it simple so that people without a lot of biblical background could understand/appreciate it. I wanted to make people think about their priorities, consider why stewardship is so important, and maybe rethink what they do with their money. I also wanted people to realize that their faith must be an active part of every aspect of their lives, even the things that, at first glance, seem to have nothing to do with religion or God." BR1 Download

Other Recommendations:

  • Speakers Bureau: Each of these talented people comes highly recommended. Please contact them directly to negotiate their participation at your event. OR1
  • A Parable—Once there was a church where the people took the offering back home with them. OR2
  • Long Range Faith—Who is contributing to the church of tomorrow? Read this inspirational short story. OR3
  • O is for Offertory—Refresh your church's offertory practice by trying something new. OR4
  • Christian Service Workshop—This detailed design for a workshop will allow participants to experience a service project and thereby be affirmed in their continued Christian service. OR5
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