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Common Hope Common Trust 2006–2007

Common Hope Common Trus


This year’s stewardship theme is Common Hope, Common Trust. This theme reminds us of the biblical model of stewardship which shows us that everything that is, and thus everything thing that we have is God’s. As disciples of Christ we are called to manage all that we have been given so that it can be used for God’s purposes. As Acts 4:32 also reminds us, as believers we hold all things in a common trust, which means that this call to manage God’s resources is a call which we hold and practice together. The reality is that often our own fears and anxieties often prevent us from living faith filled lives of stewardship. Common Hope, Common Trust helps us explore our fears and anxieties that we have concerning our stewardship of money. It leads us also to explore the purpose which God calls us to and it leads us to discover the rich gifts God has already given to us so that we may live the lives of stewardship God calls us to. In the process Common Hope, Common Trust seeks to lead us to discover the common hope and trust which we have together in God and the hope this leads us to reveal to the world.

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