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Doing Payroll a Whole New Way

To maintain responsible stewardship of its resources, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) has put together a national program for congregations to outsource payroll to Ceridian Canada Ltd. Ceridian is nationally recognized and has a regional presence in all of our synods. Ceridian can meet the ELCIC's needs with a comprehensive payroll package that will:

  • reduce the amount of time and uncertainty for the volunteer treasurer and/or administrative staff to prepare payroll.
  • ensure employees are paid properly according to their Letter of Call and to tax legislation.
  • ensure payroll deductions are remitted on a timely basis.
  • ensure T4/T4A reporting is completed accurately and the reports filed on a timely basis.
  • use the group buying power of ELCIC affiliated employers to gain a group cost benefit.

Ceridian has a web based product called “Powerpay Web” which allows you to easily produce your payroll over the internet. Another payroll solution is called “Powerpay Phone”. This product enables you to produce your payroll each pay period by calling in and talking to a live CPA (Canadian Payroll Association) certified customer care representative.

The Benefits:

  • peace of mind that payroll is prepared properly and that the employees are being paid on time.
  • standard easy-to-follow procedures.
  • direct deposit to employees' bank accounts, or a cheque.
  • direct withdrawals from the congregation bank account for employees' pay and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) remittances.
  • calculation and remittance of government deductions on behalf of the employer.
  • tracking and reporting holiday pay accumulations for each employee.
  • preparation of Year-end T4s/Releve 1s and T4As/Releve 2s.
  • on-demand preparation of Record of Employment forms.
  • legislative updates and changes on behalf of the employer.
  • bilingual English/French service.
  • employee savings options at little or no cost: a convenient, no-hassle way for employees to save for the future.
  • assured confidentiality: payroll service representatives deal only with assigned individuals from the employer, and all reports are enclosed in sealed envelopes.

To get set up in the national program, call or email Leon Chan, your initial contact at Ceridian, 403-537-8672, leon.chan@ceridian.com. Once enrolled in the program, you will be assigned to a regional processing centre that will provide the regular payroll service and support. Ceridian's website can be found at www.ceridian.ca

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