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Luther's Coat of Arms


In 1530, while Martin Luther was still living in Coburg Castle, Prince John Frederick ordered a signet ring for him that was characteristic of Luther's theology.

The black cross on a heart (faith in Christ who died and rose again) rests on a white rose (joy, comfort, and peace beyond that of this world) in a sky-blue field (the beginning of a heavenly joy), and is encircled with a gold ring (the eternal and precious possession of salvation).

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The Evangelical Declaration 

At the 2007 National Convention, the ELCIC's Evangelical Declaration was updated on the 10th anniversary of its adoption by the church as a "guide for mission". The update includes changing the title of the document from Evangelical Declaration to In Mission for Others: A Theology of Mission. 

View In Mission for Others: A Theology of Mission. 

The original Evangelical Declaration was adopted at the Sixth Biennial National Convention of the ELCIC, July, 1997, "as our church's vision for life and mission for the next decade (1997-2007), and as a source and guide for goals, objectives and strategies to propel us into the next millennium."

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