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Partner Organizations

Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA)

Women of the ELCA, the women’s organization of the church, has thousands of participants in thousands of congregations. Together we are committed to growing in faith, affirming our gifts, supporting one another in our callings, and engaging in ministry and action that promotes justice and wholeness for all people. The website for the Women of the ELCA has a number of resources that are available for use.


Women in Church and Society (WICAS)

Through the different global and area desks of the Department for Mission and Development (DMD), the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) has for more than four decades, focused on promoting and strengthening the life and witness of the churches in their respective societies. At a time when the tension between globalization and pressing local needs is felt at all levels, the LWF member churches are constantly challenged to engage in holistic and inclusive ministry.

The WICAS desk aims to enhance and advance the education of women, incorporate their perspective into theological education, worship and liturgy in all aspects of the church's work, and to lobby for justice for women. Leadership training programs, organized annually through a network of regional coordinators, bring together women and men with the objective to promote gender equality and cooperation.


Women's Inter-Church Council of Canada

The Women's Inter-Church Council of Canada (WICC) is a national council of representatives from 10 church partners, focusing on four main concerns of social justice, women's issues, ecumenism, and the growth of women's spirituality.

The Council respects diversity; fosters connections between church and society; creates opportunities for communication, education, advocacy and theological critique; and encourages expressions of spirituality rooted in women's experience.

WICC, through project grants, supports grassroots work to help women caught in the web of violence. It also prepares an annual service to mark December 6, Canada's National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women.

The annual World Day of Prayer and the Fellowship of the Least Coin movement for peace and reconciliation are both coordinated by WICC in Canada. The council also supports networks across the country committed to working for gender justice in church and society.


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