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Gender Bias

At seminary:

  • 46% of the respondents reported they had experienced gender bias at seminary.
  • Comments ranged from no experience of gender bias to experiences of bias from classmates, professors and the system in general.
  • Some women indicated they became aware of gender bias during their studies at seminary since they had been unaware of it before that time.

During call process:

  • 26% of the respondents to this question reported experiencing gender bias.
  • The comments reflected the different places in which gender bias exists in the church: colleagues, leadership at synod and congregations as well as laypersons within congregations.

When serving on committee/Board:

  • Fewer women (72/84) responded to this question as they had not served on committees/ boards.
  • Of those responding 13% respondents had experienced bias.

When serving in appointed or elected position:

  • Even fewer women (28/84) responded to this question because they had not been nominated or elected to office.
  • 29% of those responding (8/28) reported experiencing bias.
  • Overall the comments on gender bias noted the systemic nature of bias.
  • Some women had not experienced any bias and a few said they experienced positive bias (a woman was wanted!)

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