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Key Findings and Recommendations related to Survey Phase

Key Finding 1.

Ordained women are unique; there is no one picture of an ordained woman in the ELCIC

Recommendation 1.1

That NCC receive the Executive Summary and publish it in the 2001 convention Bulletin of Reports with the full study distributed widely

Recommendation 1.2

That the national church staff utilize the study findings in order to confront myths about ordained women through church publications, workshops and other means.

Key Finding 2.

Identity issues are a key stressor for ordained women as they serve in ordained ministry.

Recommendation 2.1

That the ELCIC study of ministry be given a high priority for action during the biennium 2001-2003 and that particular attention be given to the Lutheran understanding of call and pastoral identity

Key Finding 3.

Gender bias for ordained women was evident across different ministry experiences as well as across different time periods.

Recommendation 3.1

That seminaries be encouraged to develop or expand courses such as history of gender and feminist theology

Recommendation 3.2

That national staff, in consultation with synod bishops, prepare self study materials for congregations beginning the call process to identify and address gender bias in the call process

Recommendation 3.3

That the study steering committee ensure the development of a workshop model on the study

Key Finding 4.

Leadership opportunities for ordained women were limited.

Recommendation 4.1

That nominating committees for national and synod be directed to nominate candidates of the opposite gender of the incumbent when ordained positions become vacant

Key Finding 5.

Support for ordained women was an important issue and the levels and needs differed across different ministry experiences

Recommendation 5.1

That the Conference of Bishops be requested to establish uniformity across the synods for the first call process with emphasis on communication and appropriate support from the synod to the candidate

Recommendation 5.2

That the synods be encouraged to make the development and maintenance of clergy support systems a key activity

Recommendation 5.3

That funding and staff support be provided for biennial conferences for women to follow up on the study. There are possibilities to share such a conference with the Anglican Church of Canada. One conference should focus on gender bias in ministry settings.

Recommendation 5.4

That the national bishop ensure that executive level national staff is in place to follow up the study and that regular reports be made to National Church Council (NCC) on progress made on these recommendations.

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