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Ministry in the Wider Church

Acceptance of women to elected or appointed positions:

  • Just over half of the women thought that ordained women are somewhat accepted in elected or appointed positions, 23% thought women are very well accepted, 9% were neutral, and 11% thought women are either somewhat or very rejected in elected or appointed positions.
  • Some comments indicated acceptance was growing, others believe there is a will to accept but no concrete action in that direction.
  • Other comments noted that there was greater acceptance at the top than at the grassroots congregational level.

Access to leadership positions:

  • 44% of the women thought that ordained women have either unlimited or somewhat unlimited access to conference, synod and national leadership positions, 9% were neutral and 40% thought that ordained women had somewhat limited access and 8% very limited access.

Membership and leadership on church groups:

  • The data indicate the existence of a stained glass ceiling both through the attitudes of many female clergy as well as according to the number of women in leadership positions.
  • When asked about ten different church committees or groups, the highest percentage of respondents reported membership and leadership on synod committees (80%).
  • The only area where women had achieved significant leadership of these groups was for conference council (24%) and synod committees (25%).
  • The lowest reported membership and leadership were for church school boards, National Church Council, and Lutheran World Federation Council or committees (very limited number of positions for ELCIC clergy on LWF).
  • Respondents were members on an average of 2.3 church groups and committees, and were leaders on .62 groups.

Nomination and election to church offices:

  • 41% of those responding had been nominated for conference dean and of that group 42% had been elected.
  • 24% had been nominated for synod bishop but none elected.
  • 11% had been nominated for synod or national staff and 38% of them had been elected or appointed.
  • 9% had been nominated for other synod officer and of those 50% had been appointed or elected.
  • 3 women had been nominated for national bishop but none elected.
  • 4 women had been nominated for other national office but none elected.
  • Women were nominated to an average of .87 offices, and elected to an average of .28 positions.

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