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Ordained Ministry History

Career patterns:

  • The reported patterns were varied.
  • Up to 9 positions were reported with a total of 242 positions reported over this 25-year period.
  • 96% of all respondents reported a first position, 71% a second, 46% a third, 30% a fourth, 21% a fifth, 11% a sixth, 6% a seventh, 5% an eighth, 1% a ninth.
  • Sole pastor was the most frequently reported for all positions; very few senior positions were reported, even in the later positions (#7, 8, 9).
  • Only two senior pastor positions were reported among all the 242 positions.
  • The majority of these positions were full time in single-point parishes located primarily in urban or suburban settings, except for the first positions which had nearly equal percentages in rural and urban settings.
  • Details on first position
    • 43% began first position from 1975-1990
    • 59% were sole pastor in first position
    • 16% were associate pastor and 11% were assistant pastors
    • 39% were in rural setting, 38% in urban, and remainder in other settings
    • 67% were full time
    • 52% were single-point parish, 37% multiple-point, 4% non-parish setting, 7% other
    • average length of time in first position was 3.5 years and range 1-11 years.

Continuing education:

  • The majority of respondents reported engaging in 1-2 continuing education activities a year.
  • The comments indicated participation was limited by location, family responsibilities, congregational budgets, and subject matter interests.

Resources for nurturing and support:

  • The open-ended question revealed a wide range of interrelated personal, community, relational, professional, structural, and organizational supports.
  • Only a few women had sought professional help.
  • Some women noted in their comments that there is a need for specific supports to be developed for women in ordained ministry.

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