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Voices for the Future

What difference will women make:

  • When asked what difference they imagined the past and present experience of ordained women in the ELCIC to make in the future, the comments ranged from none at all to major differences.
  • Women recognized the contributions of the pioneers that had proceeded them as women in ordained ministry.

Negative results of the presence of ordained women in the church:

    The negative results perceived included: increased job stress, increased numbers of women leaving out of frustration, a conservative backlash, more ordained women may be sacrificed to achieve change, and the feeling women's beliefs that they are being treated negatively may become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Positive results from the presence of ordained women in the church:

    The positive results included: different perspectives, more heart/compassion, increased awareness of different but unique gifts of women in ordained ministry, a strengthened culture of cooperation and support, increased acceptance of women clergy, acceptance of other marginal communities, changes in style of governance and leadership, a fuller appreciation of a God who promises to include all humanity and all creation, increased tolerance, gender balance, bringing life and spirit into the worshipping community.

    Women looked for a time when men and women in ordained ministry are working together in cooperation and being led by the Holy Spirit.

    Key Findings and Recommendations Related to Survey Phase

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