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With Many Voices:

Twenty-Five Years of Ministry by Ordained Women in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) 1976 - 2001

This study was commissioned to describe the experiences of women who have served in ordained ministry. Eighty-four women completed an extensive survey about their background, preparation, call and service in the church and 24 took part in further sharing about their daily experiences as women in ordained ministry. The goals of the study were directed to the women themselves, seminaries, synod committees for theological education, synod staff personnel, the wider church and ecumenical partners. The primary goal was to describe the experiences of women in order to inform the church's practices in preparation, placement and support of women clergy.

The study will be published in a book called With Many Voices: Twenty-five Years of Ordained Ministry by Women in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada to be released in November 2001. The National Church Council has commended the study to the church for discussion and has established a council committee to make recommendations for action.

Executive Summary

The Study

  • Sponsor:
  • Steering committee:
  • Researcher:
  • Study purpose:
  • Study goals:
  • Type of study:
  • Time line:
  • Respondents: Participation and Characteristics

Background and Preparation for Ordained Ministry

  • Prior occupations:
  • Prior education:
  • Motivation:
  • Influential persons:
  • Seminary:
  • Curriculum content:
  • Feminist issues:
  • Support:
  • Internship:
  • Life changes during seminary:
  • Stressors and Supports During Seminary

The Call Process

  • Date of ordination:
  • Waiting time for call:
  • Difficulties getting ordained:
  • Situations limiting call options:
  • Support from synod during call:
  • Suggested other synod supports:
  • Openness of congregations to calling female candidates:
  • Sensitivity of call committees to considerations of calling a woman:
  • Stressors and Supports during Call Process

Gender Bias

  • At seminary:
  • During call process:
  • When serving on committee/board:
  • When serving in appointed or elected position:

Ordained Ministry History

  • Career patterns:
  • Continuing education:
  • Resources for nurturing and support:

Ministry in the Wider Church

  • Acceptance of women to elected or appointed positions:
  • Access to leadership positions:
  • Membership and leadership on church groups:
  • Nomination and election to church offices:

Voices for the Future

  • What difference will women make:
  • Negative results of the presence of ordained women in the church:
  • Positive results of the presence of ordained women in the church:

Key Findings and Recommendations Related to Survey Phase

Qualitative Phase: findings and suggested actions

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