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Please consider using one or more of the following resources as you lift up Season for Creation, September 1 to October 4.


  • Hymns from Evangelical Lutheran Worship:
    • Touch the Earth Lightly, Hymn #739
    • For the Beauty of the Earth, Hymn #879
    • When Long before Time, Hymn #861
    • We Plow the Fields and Scatter, Hymn #739
    • Creation, Hymns #730-740 and Indexes page 1180
    • Stewardship, Hymns #678-696, and Indexes page 1187
  • Bless The Hands, Text by Marty Tuer and André Lavergne, Music by James Frederick Brown. This wonderful offering song uses images of earth, land and harvest. 
  • Let All the Trees of the Forest Sing For Joy” (Psalm 96:12): Music Accompaniment for 5-Part Study Session on “Biblical Ethics for A Changing Climate”, by Michele Barr. This paper contains multiple hymn suggestions related to specific Psalms and environmental themes. 
  • Hymns in Times of Crisis is an on-line resource. In particular, see the section son CARE OF CREATION: Ecological Damageand NATURAL DISASTERS: Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricanes  
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