World Interfaith Harmony Week February 1-7, 2018

From February 1-7, 2018, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada will observe World Interfaith Harmony Week.

2018 will mark the eighth World Interfaith Harmony Week uplifted globally. The ELCIC will join with others around the world in this week of reflection and public witness on what it means to be people of faith, regardless of religious affiliation. Being in dialogue with people of other faith traditions enriches our own mission and ministry, and helps us create a climate where we can work together for peace and justice.

In 2012 ELCIC’s National Church Council endorsed a request from The Lutheran World Federation to observe World Interfaith Harmony Week. In Canada, World Interfaith Harmony Week has been observed by Lutherans, Presbyterians, Uniteds and Roman Catholics, together with Muslims, Jews, Baha’is and many others in secular, civic and religious contexts.

ELCIC congregations and worship leaders may choose to augment the Prayer of the Day or Prayers of Intercession in early February with the following: For the Human Family: “O god, you made us in your image…” (EvLW, pg 79) or A Prayer attributed to St. Francis: “Lord, make us instruments…” (EvLW, pg 87). Additionally, people may want to pray one of these prayers as part of their daily devotions.

Resources for World Interfaith Harmony Week can be found below: