Congregations, organizations and various ministries are invited to register as a Greening Faith Community, in order to identify annual stewardship of creation goals and to encourage each other in seeking climate justice.

Quick Link: Accreditation Form

In 2017, the ELCIC joined the 2017 Lutheran World Federation Assembly in “affirming the fact that the global ecological crisis, including climate change, is human-induced. It is a spiritual matter. As people of faith, we are called to journey together toward a healthy relationship with the earth” and in “affirming its commitment to implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).” 

Being an ELCIC Greening Faith Community means:

  • Setting annual goals to encourage stewardship of creation;
  • Doing an annual review of environmental stewardship goal;
  • Sharing stories, insights and resources;
  • Registering with the ELCIC; and,
  • Encouraging other faith communities to consider stewardship of creation
    initiatives and/or registering as an ELCIC Greening Faith Community.

Join us on this journey together and ministry of reconciliation.