Youth Ministry and the ELCIC

In the ELCIC, synods have the primary responsibility for youth ministry, including supporting existing congregations and leaders in mission and ministry with/through youth. The national church provides support in agreed areas.

ELCIC National Youth Ministry includes:

  • Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth (CLAY) gathering: Every two years, the ELCIC and the Anglican Church of Canada host a national gathering of youth and their leaders. 
  • National Youth Project: Youth, youth groups, leaders and their congregations from across Canada focus and direct their energy on a particular issue of concern in order to encourage learning, engagement, prayer and service in the local community. This is done in partnership with the Anglican Church of Canada.
  • Luther League Legacy Fund (LLLF): This fund provides grants to individuals (30 years of age and under) and groups to support participation in leadership training and development activities. An individual (30 years of age and under) can apply for funds to help themselves participate in a leadership development opportunity. An individual may also apply for funds to help a project be implemented, if the project is designed primarily for leadership development of people 30 years of age and under or if the project produces a resource to be a direct benefit to people 30 years of age and under.
  • Resources: In support of synod ministries, the ELCIC facilitates connections with youth ministry initiatives initiated by partner organizations, including the Anglican Church of Canada, the Lutheran World Federation and the schools of the ELCIC