“It Has Been a Good Three Years” – National Church Council presents its report to Convention

National Church Council (NCC) presented its report via video to delegates at the 2022 ELCIC National Convention during the first business session.  

NCC members shared that during the last triennium, they passed 97 motions. Council work also including acting on motions from the 2019 National Convention. 

“As per convention action we appointed task forces on addressing Ableism; addressing Racism, White Supremacy, and issues of Racial Injustice; and addressing Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia,” said Rev. Jane Gingrich, who highlighted the task force reports in the Bulletin of Reports, along with their many recommendations.

NCC members approved a new vision statement over the last triennium – “God’s grace and unconditional love calls us to be a diverse, inclusive community that celebrates all and upholds life-giving relationships.”

A new strategic plan has also been adopted, using Compassionate JusticeEffective PartnershipsRelational Leadership and Healthier Church as the new areas of focus in strategic planning. More information on the new strategic plan can be found in Appendix 11 of the Bulletin of Reports. 

Changes and amendments to the Candidacy Manual, CECF Management Handbook, ELCIC Personnel Policy Handbook, NCC Policy and the Reimagining our Church document were highlighted. 

Budgets and financial statements were approved, while gifts totaling $150,000 were sent to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land and The Lutheran World Federation in response to dire COVID situations.

“It has been a good three years…,” NCC member Rev. Dr. Kimberlynn McNabb concluded. “We look forward to the newly configurated National Church Council bringing our unfinished work for you to discuss next year. Thank you for your prayers and your support.”