ELCIC vision statement inspires new logo and tagline

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) is excited to announce its new logo and tagline, inspired by a new vision statement which was developed through extensive consultation with members across the church.

With input from members across the church, a dedicated task force spent several years crafting a vision statement that embodies the collective hopes and dreams of ELCIC members: God’s grace and unconditional love call us to be a diverse, inclusive community that celebrates all and upholds life-giving relationships.

This new vision challenges the ELCIC to be outward-focused, rooted in God’s grace and unconditional love, and calling us to be a diverse, inclusive community that celebrates all and upholds life-giving relationships. 

“I’m so thankful to the work of the task force and the groundwork they did to lay the steps for what would come next,” says ELCIC National Bishop Susan Johnson. “During the process, it became clear that as part of our work going forward, as we moved into fully living out this new vision statement, it would mean revisiting our logo and tagline.”

The new logo draws on several key visual elements, including: a dove and olive branch as symbolizing love, peace and hope; the cross which is at the heart of our faith, embodying Christ, the Holy Spirit, and forgiveness; and the open hand, representing God’s grace, welcoming, and openness. Visually the logo comes together in a modern, contemporary design signifying energy and forward momentum. 

The new tagline encapsulates the heart of the ELCIC’s vision:

Living out God’s Grace and Unconditional Love  

This simple, memorable statement is a reminder of the commitment to embrace diversity, foster an environment that is inclusive, and nurtures the life-giving relationships that reflect the transformative power of grace and love. 

The tagline is outward focused, “as together we journey in our faith, spreading God’s message of grace and unwavering love for all,” says ELCIC Director of Communications, Trina Gallop Blank, who explains that the roll-out of the logo will take some time to be fully implemented across the ELCIC. 

“Over the coming weeks and months, we will start to see the new logo more and more,” she says. “The ELCIC was formed back in 1986, we have a lot of documents, website pages, and various ways in which we utilize our logo throughout all expressions of the church. Transitioning to the new logo is a significant task but we are thrilled to see how it will be embraced throughout the church and excited to finally share it with everyone.”