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2020-21 Stewardship Resources

The ELCIC National Office supports congregations in their stewardship ministry by making available and distributing an annual stewardship package of resources.


This year's materials focus on the theme Faithful, Hopeful, Loving which is based on 1 Corinthians 13:13.


For those congregartions that have used these resource previously, please note that this year's format for these resources has changed.


Giving Magazine


  • This is a fully digital magazine and is not available in a print version.
  • This publication is available quarterly in digital format.
  • This year-round stewardship resource has everything a congregation needs for an annual stewarship focus. Guidelines are included for spring, fall, and year-round emphasis that are user-frienly for any size congregation.
  • The National Office would like to make this available to all congregations who are interested in using this resource.


Faithful, Hopeful, Loving Year-Round Digital Resource

  • Congregations interested in this resource will receive a digital copy containing over 200 pages of materials, including additional emphasis guidance, adapting for the small church, generational giving, electronic giving, sample communications, and a more in-depth look at the theme. With this digital version, you could print out only what you need and adapt it for your congregational/community content


**Please note, orders for 2020/21 resources have been closed.

The following Resources can be downloaded for printing:

Conversation on Gratitude and Generosity

Developed by the National Office, this "conversation starter" will help you explore your experience of gratitude and generosity, and become more comfortable sharing this aspect of our faith. Resources for this are minimal, just two people (can even be done individually as a personal reflection) and approximately 30 minutes to devote to the discussion. Use this in your congregation, your Bible study group, or even for your own family's personal stewardship development.

Commitment Card
Order this on card stock and add a sticker to identify your congregation OR download from the links below and make the changes right on your own computer. This NEW design allows your members to see that your congregation supports all levels of ministry of the ELCIC.
ready-to-print .pdf file
ready-to-edit .doc file (front)
ready-to-edit .doc file (back)

Time/Talent Commitment Sheet
Print and photocopy for use in your congregation!

2020/21 Annual Report Covers

Every year the ELCIC produces Annual Report Covers that can be used by any ELCIC congregation or ministry as a cover to your annual report. Included on the Annual Report Covers are devotions to open and close your annual meeting. For congregations that ordered printed copies of this resource, they are being mailed out December 2020. Digital copies are available via the following links:



Supporting the Distribution of Stewardship Resources
While there is no charge to congregations for these resources, you are encouraged to consider a donation towards the cost of shipping and handling (at least $30 for each shipment). If you are ordering materials for more than 200 members, please consider increasing your contribution proportionately.

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